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    Mafia Escape Room

    Mafia Escape Room

    A competitive escape room. A real life hostage takes place by the Italian mafia. A suitcase with ransom money can be opened by solving various puzzles. It is easy to set up and to easy to reset.

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    Hack Game

    Hack Game

    The system is hacked and you have to recover the system by solving different puzzles and riddles that are similar to real hacking. In this way you get into the role of a hacker.
    Can you escape from the hackers?!

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    Escape Box

    Escape Box

    A game where challenging puzzles need to be solved by opening 20 boxes. Teams from 4 up to 6 participants will compete against each other. The fastest team that manages to open all 20 boxes wins!

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    High Tech Com. Box

    High Tech Com. Box

    A high tech bomb needs to be defused by a team of 4 up to 6 people. Within 60 nail-biting minutes various puzzles needs to be solved, codes needs to be cracked and more! The first to cut the red wire wins!

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    VR Escape Room

    VR Escape Room

    The Virtual Reality Escape Room is perfect for people that want to get familiar with VR combined with an escape room.

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    AR City Game

    AR City Game

    In this Augmented Reality city game, teams get to know the city in a futuristic way.

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