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Escape Room Escape The Firm

Escape Room
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Escape The Firm – Escape Room Board Game

Is all about digitization, data and privacy. To solve the mystery, you follow a route through a data center. It is more difficult than it seems. How do you gain access to the data center? Which puzzles belong to which server? How should the servers be connected? In other words: the Escape Game starts immediately when you open the package! The mysterious voice helps you with mysterious clues. But can you trust that voice?

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Lock Down Game – Escape The Firm

This game is perfect to be played at home with your escape team from 3 up to 6 people. You can even play it “virtually together” via a videocall so you can even play in these times of quarantine.

What’s included?

When you purchase ‘Escape Room Escape The Firm’, we customise the website completed tailored to your company, country and language. Next to the website, you will receive all promotional material and the corresponding customised package. You will receive a guide so you will know how the escape game works and how you can sell it to your customers. Lastly, we have a money-back policy. 

Dutch Championship of Escape Rooms
Escape the Firm has been part of the Dutch Championship of Escape Rooms. More than 600 teams competed against each other at the same time.
Extremely profitable
Because the game is complete with online guidance there are no further costs. All-in package! Easy as that!
Unique game

The escape room contains various surprising elements, both offline and online. The combination of these two make the escape game very unique.

Competitive and for large groups

One package can be played in teams of 2 up to 5 people. If they are with more than 5 people, they can compete with each other.

≥ 50 people

2 Escape Rooms for 10 people

Impression – Escape Room The Package

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    • We offer you a year personal help
    • We promise you: if you don't sell, we pay all your money back
    • A promotion video of the game is included
    • A website to promote your game
    • Marketing tips to promote your game

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