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    Why teambuildinggamefranchise.com?

    With our ‘money-back policy’ it’s very easy to start, without taking any risks! Our goal is to visit your country and city to see our games over there. So we like holiday, so we also can help you out in your own city if you need help for marketing or other things. Yes: for free:) We just love what we do, and hopefully we can work together!

    What's in it for you?

    We reinvent every game. Made it as perfect as possible. For the customer, and for us. It doubled our profits. But, after we invested the right ammount of money and effort. Don’t get me wrong. It’s the coolest thing to do! And now you are reading my letter. Hopefully you do like our games as well and can we help you out!

    What warranties do we offer?
    • All shipping costs will be at our expense
    • We offer one  year of personal help
    • Money-back policy: if one doesn’t sell, we will pay you back
    • A promotion video of the game is included
    • A website for promotional activities
    • Marketing tips to promote your game
    About us

    Years ago, we started our first company in The Netherlands. We invented  games and organized them for companies, bachelor parties and other groups. Last years we underwent a tremendous growth. And we still grow every day.  Before we knew it, we sold each game over 1.000 times a year. After a few years we had 10 different games and improved them. Year after year. Better, and better.

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    Feel free to give us a call:
    +314 13 30 27 73



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    Contact information

    Chamber of commerce - 58859764

    Setting up number - 000028189329

    Phone number - +31413302773 (office)

    [email protected]

    Address: Erp, The Netherlands

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