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Game Development

Expect the Unexpected
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Custom Game – The Game

Do you like teambuilding games as much as we do? Do you have a unique game in mind that can be played in the entire world, just like our concepts? Explain your idea to our game developers. They are specialised in developing games and would love to help you with your ideas. Teambuilding Games Franchise’s game developers make fully customised games; from escape rooms to app games and from quizzes to VR-games.

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Gamification and Serious Gaming

We are specialised in ‘Gamification’ and ‘Serious Gaming’ as well. With our developers, we can transform all your ideas in words and visualised experiences that ensure an unforgettable experience! With our expertise, we will manage to find a suiting solution for every case.

We believe in a more personal approach instead of a standard briefing. For every request, we will crawl into the skin of our customers because we want to find out what motivates you, what story you want to tell and what objectives need to be met.

Experts in Gamification

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Fully customized

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Expertise in age-old games

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Expertise in futuristic games

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≥ 50 people

Suitable for all groups

A few of our creations

Dutch Royal Marine

We have developed a CRM game for the Dutch Royal Marine. With an escape room and real-life hostage, we created an imaginary stressful situation where they could find out if they did have the skillset they were taught in a threatening situation.

Belgian Government

On behalf of the Belgian government, we have created the biggest portable escape room in the world. Because there’s a shortage of students in healthcare related educations, we have developed an escape room completely tailored to this situation. A promotional Escape Room for students!

Dutch Royal Airforce

To make the Dutch Royal air force familiar with new working methods, we have developed a game that explains all changes whilst playing a game in a fun, enjoyable manner.  The Augmented Reality game that has been developed is currently being played on every airbase in the Netherlands.

The Belbin Box

On behalf of a Dutch multinational, we have developed a ‘Belbin Box’. With this box, the skillset of all employees has been tested in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Escape 2 the future

We have created ‘Escape 2 the future’ for a Dutch consultancy agency. This is an interactive game where digital skills will be taught that one needs in 5 to 10 years in order to work in a futuristic environment.

Promotional games

For several advertising agencies, we have developed promotional games and services to promote their company. For this reason, we have developed multiple creative concepts like ‘Escape the Van’ and ‘World’s smallest and Shortest Escape’.

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A few of the many reasons why you should choose for Teambuilding Games Franchise!



It only takes 30 minutes to reset our games.

Custom Package

All our concepts and outings can be customised, so we can tailor them to your needs.

Custom Package

Our concepts can be played by up to 1.000 people at the same time, depending on how many concepts you will buy.


Portable - Mobile

All our games are easy to carry to any location of preference.


The games from Teambuilding Games Franchise are competitive, this ensures enjoyment!

Big groups

You can organise these outings for multiple teams at the same time. Hence, you don't need many 'game masters' per outing.

Unique concepts

Our concepts, games, scenarios are made by our own game developers and storytellers.

Quick ROI

The potential profit of an outing is huge, your return on investment will be significant.


All our concepts are developed by passionate game developers and storytellers. We only use durable equipment.


  • The shipping of the Teambuilding-game is at our expense
  • We offer you a year personal help
  • We promise you: if you don't sell, we pay all your money back
  • A promotion video of the game is included
  • A website to promote your game
  • Marketing tips to promote your game

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