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High-Tech Communication Box

Escape Room
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High-Tech Communication Box – The Game

The high-tech communication box is a bomb suitcase that contains various puzzles and riddles, which have been created by complex techniques. The box has multiple smaller boxes that are closed with electronic locks. Riddles and puzzles have to be solved in order to open the boxes. There will be a pair of pliers behind the last lock, which is required to cut the right wire, but which one is the right wire? The high-tech communication box is a real challenge for all ages and can be played in teams of 4 up to 6 people. The box contains multiple surprising elements such as virtual reality, a black light and a morse code.  As the name probably already suggested, these escape games can only be solved with good communication between team members. The high-tech communication box is a big success in the Netherlands and was one of the games of last year’s Dutch Championship escape rooms!

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High-Tech Communication Box – Storyline

A psychopath and member of Anonymous, the international hack activists, has placed a high-tech bomb that will destroy the entire city. The participants can defuse the bomb and save everyone subsequently! When you open the box, the bomb starts ticking. However, the psychopath is member of Anonymous for a reason: in order to defuse the bomb, you have to solve multiple high-tech escape games.  The participants have to solve every escape game in the box to defuse the bomb. The games are very diversified: during one game you have to listen to a morse code, during another game you have to read a text with a black light. There even is a box with virtual reality glasses that are necessary to decode something. The team that manages to cut the right wire first, and thus defuses the bomb, wins!

What’s included?

The high-tech communication box has been developed and built by our own specialists, which resulted in a very detailed box full of ingenious high-tech escape games.  Next to the communication box, we also make an introduction video tailored to your company. This introduction video contains footage of an anonymous hacker and the voice of a real Hollywood actor! The communication box comes with an anonymous mask and a smoke machine. This creates the ultimate experience for your customers. In addition, the high-tech communication box comes with a complete guide. Lastly, we also offer one year of support. We are very curious about your plans and happy to help making our teambuilding games a success for you!

Easy to build and transport

The high-tech communication is 100 by 30 by 30 cm. Everything the box requires is electricity; just plug it into a wall socket and you are ready to play! After the game, you only have to replace the wire.

High return on investment

Maintenance costs are low so you will start to make profit very quickly.


We hired professionals to make this high-tech box as good as possible. They’ve done everything to make this a unique game full of ingenious high-tech escape games.

Competitive and for large groups

The high-tech communication box can be played in groups of 4 up to 8 people. The more boxes you have; the more people can play at the same time.

≥ 50 people

2 Escape Rooms for 16 people

Promo video – High-Tech Communication Box

Impression – High-Tech Communication Box

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