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How does it work?

Let us explain.

Our working method:


Have a look at our games an place a request. We will contact you within 24 hours.


Personal contact

We will start with a conversation to meet each other to get to know your company and plans to help you as good as possible. 


Match our concepts

After our first meeting we will present the games that suits you and your plans best. We will send you a free quotation.

Shipping the games

As soon as you are satisfied with our offer, we will send you our games and guides. From then on you are the owner of your own teambuilding games!


When you have received and opened the games, we will schedule a meeting, visit you or have a skype conversation.

Marketing materials

From then on you can start your own business! With our marketing material and sales tips you can sell your first outings to groups in your  country/city.


Test the Games

Then it starts, you sell your own outings and guide your own teambuilding games. You test the games and grow your business by the day!

Business support

We’ll keep in touch weekly/monthly. We will help you when needed and continue to support you with tips and tricks. Still dissatisfied? We will give you all your money back!


When your return on investment is achieved, we know for sure that the succes of your business is guaranteed! From then on you can enjoy your own succesful business. The contact will decrease but willa always remain!

More about us.

Get to know us!

Let us introduce ourselves and give you an idea about what we do,  and more importantly,  what’s in it for you. With a team of professionals we create escape room- and city game concepts. 

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