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Negotiation game

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Negotiation Game – The Game

During this negotiation game, everything is about trade. While playing this unique game, you will compete against one another in teams. In this ingenious game, one has to collect products and services that can be traded subsequently. The ‘Negotiation game’ is all about strategy, communication, negotiating, executing assignments, knowledge and showing courage.

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Expected Serious Games

 ‘Serious games’ is a brand new category that will extend the product range of Teambuilding games franchise. We believe in ‘gamification’ and in the fact that this trend will become increasingly important for informational and motivational reasons. Therefore, we incorporated this in our range. We expect to release our first serious games in September. ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and sign up for our waiting list. 

Serious Game

A teambuilding game that responds to the latest ‘Gamification’ trend.

Brand new category

A game that’s part of one of Teambuilding games franchise’s brand new category: serious games.

Coming soon

Our game developers work hard on this concept. We expect it to be released in December. 

And many more

More information is coming soon.

≥ 50 people

Suitable for all groups

Impression – The Negotiation Game

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Custom Package

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