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Sex and the City

City Game
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Sex and the City – The Game

Sex and the city is a city game that has been developed for bachelor parties and outings for groups of friends. Everyone will be divided into teams. The teams have to execute assignments through an ingenious app, in a city of preference.  As you can guess, all assignments are based on the movie: ‘Sex and the City’. Everything regards to fashion, glamour and sex will be discussed! As a matter of fact, everyone will play the role of Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte and you will experience their life in Manhattan, New York! All assignments can be sent through the app and the game master will judge them accordingly. With this app game, you can remand every team after one, two or three hours back and decide who will celebrate victory. We have plenty of assignments in this app but you can also add assignments by yourself if you want to!

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Perfect Bachelorette party – Unique app game

We recently improved ‘Sex and the City’ with this modern app game. This has made the game even more interactive and exciting than ever before. All questions and assignments are shown at a glance in a digital menu and you can easily submit them to the game master.  Next to that, this app contains extra features like a live score; a chat to talk (and bully) to each other and you can see everyone’s location.  All files and assignments that have been sent while playing will be saved in a database so you can check them afterwards. This game will guarantee a hilarious day!

What’s included?

When purchasing ‘Sex and the City’, you will get a fully customised app game. It is a very diversified app game that consists of several functions such as a chat, live location, a menu with assignments and a dashboard to control the game. You can easily start a game, add assignments and judge all assignments live! We tailor this app game completely to your company. Meaning, we can adjust it to your corporate identity: a logo, all your company’s colours. Next to this app game, you will also receive a guide where we will explain everything in detail and with tips on how you can organise this outing. Lastly, you will receive a more standardised guide filled with tips to make your company as successful as ours! You will receive promotional material, unique tips and one year of business support!

Unique and modern app game

Last year we have worked hard to improve our games. That’s why we currently offer ‘Sex and the City’ with a unique and modern app game. This doesn’t only make the game more interactive and exciting, it’s also more convenient to organise it for multiple teams at the same time. All assignments can be sent through the app and you can check each other’s score in this app as well. In addition, there is the possibility to chat with one another.

Perfect bachelorette party

The ‘Sex and the City’ city game is developed for bachelorette parties and girls’ weekends. The questions and assignments are completely tailored to female players.

A hilarious and unforgettable experience

The assignments of ‘Sex and the City’ are very funny and challenging, just like in the movie. This will make sure that the game will be an unforgettable experience. And as if it wasn’t hilarious enough, you can send all the footage of the teams completing their assignments when they are done!

Extremely profitable

After purchasing ‘Sex and the City’, costs are very low. We use this app-game in the Netherlands as well so the app is always up-to-date. The profit you will make for each organised outing is very high, which will result in a quick return on investment.

≥ 50 people

Suitable for all groups

Impression – Sex and the City

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